Why Senior Citizens Need a Comprehensive Health Insurance Cover?

In the past two years, people have understood the importance of having a robust health insurance plan. They have now very well realised how a health insurance policy can offer financial support to a family if the policyholder needs immediate medical assistance due to an illness or accident.

Even the pandemic made us realise that life is unpredictable and also, having robust financial backing is important even to fight the virus. And this is why people across the globe and all age groups have invested in health insurance plans in great numbers in the recent past.

In India, the medical insurance sector witnessed revenue of more than 25-30 per cent in selling health insurance for senior citizens and individuals in the last two years. So, even though kids and youngsters also require a health plan, senior citizens should look for comprehensive policy benefits. Why?

The Importance of Comprehensive Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

We all are aware of the health insurance importance in our lives. But why do the senior members in your family need some added benefits with comprehensive health policies? Here are a few reasons to support the same –

  • Rise in diseases

Today, living in an urban city in India is a blessing. But, unfortunately, pollution is on the rise. Due to this, there has been a steady rise in lifestyle-related health concerns.

So, the probability of contracting severe illnesses has increased compared to the past. Hence, buying a comprehensive health policy for senior citizens is better to secure the finances while ensuring unmatched medical assistance.

  • The rise in medical inflation

The rise in illnesses has proportionally supported the rise of medical advancements in the country that are imperative to provide a cure for such critical health conditions. But such kind of medical advancements surely comes at a price. There is, therefore, a steady rise in medical inflation.

Hence, purchasing health insurance for senior citizens is prudent to challenge the increasing medical inflation in the country. Moreover, a comprehensive health insurance policy would keep the policyholder financially secure while offering the best kind of treatment benefits.

  • Comprehensive health benefits

When looking for health plans online, you must be attracted to family floater plans. Such plans would offer financial coverage for every individual in your family, including the senior members. However, it will not offer the coverage that a senior member with a critical illness would require.

Hence, it’s prudent to opt for a comprehensive health insurance plan that will be instrumental in offering better coverage and covering a wide array of medical conditions that usually affect the elderly. In addition, comprehensive policies have more inclusions, and even though the premium costs are a bit high, the coverage benefits they would offer are certainly unparalleled.

  • Battling critical health conditions

Today, cancer is a common illness. However, treating cancer is a costly affair. For most middle-class Indians, cancer treatment could be financially draining. Therefore, having robust health insurance with critical illness cover is advisable for every senior citizen. Several other critical diseases are covered under such plans.

Such medical insurance plans offer a lump sum amount to the beneficiary if any critical illness is detected. However, while choosing a similar plan for a senior member in your family, carefully read the policy documents as these plans are generally subject to pre-existing health conditions.


If you wish to insure your senior members in your family, the online process of buying a comprehensive medical insurance plan for seniors is easy. However, choosing the right insurer is necessary. Some of the most coveted private insurers in India, like Tata AIG, offer robust coverage benefits at affordable premium rates. So, do your research well to make an informed decision.

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