What You Need to Know About Powder Coating Ovens

In the past, wet paint was used to apply on a metal object to prevent rusting. However, you would find the coating was uneven, giving the object an unpleasant appearance. Recently, the powder coating has been on the rise as the method gives a metal object an even surface with an excellent finish.

Equipment and Appliance Powder Coating

Powder coating is a technique where a protective coating is applied on a piece of equipment or appliance for durable, high-quality, and attractive finish. The powder used is usually a mixture of pigment particles and resin that is electrostatically sprayed on the appliance. Automatically, the powder will stick on the surface, after which it is heated in a curing oven to make it smooth, attractive, and durable. It has spread widely and is being used in various industries today due to its strength and durability.

Benefits of Powder Coating Ovens

Powder-coating ovens are a good alternative compared to the traditional painting methods. Apart from being corrosion resistant, there is the attractiveness and durability aspect that comes with it. Some benefits of powder coating ovens include the following.

A Thicker and Uniformed Coating

When using wet painting, the liquid coating can run down even when trying to achieve a uniform look. However, powder coating ovens use electrostatic means, ensuring maximum bonding between a metallic substrate and the powder particles.

A Solvent-Free Surface

The ovens project a flowing stream of particles onto a substrate before curing at moderately low temperatures (less than 200 °C). The stream of powder is dry and free of solvents as required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission.

Specialty Capabilities

In terms of functionality and rust resistance, you will find liquid coating is limited. However, powder coating has been engineered for multiple capabilities. Depending on the chemical composition of the applied powders, the electrostatic coating can amplify the chemical and mechanical capability of the substrate while giving excellent electrical insulation properties.

Higher Throughout

Compared to liquid paints, powder-coating ovens need less curing time. Also, it has fewer paint preparatory stages, which saves on cost in a high throughput manufacturing environment.

How to Choose Powder Coating Ovens

Before looking for powder coating ovens for sale, some things you should know include:

  • Size of the ovens: Your productivity will determine the size of the oven you will. A small oven saves money but limits productivity.
  • Technologies: The ovens are available in infrared and conventional technologies. Both have their pros and cons that you have to analyze before choosing one. Also, a manufacturer or a supplier can help you understand the product more before purchasing it.
  • Certification: This is for the benefit of quality. The powder-coated oven has to be of a certain standard to be allowed on the market.

With the discussed tips, you could get a powder-coated oven for your company. Note that they come in varying types with different designs and safety standards. When you understand what you need for your company, choosing the oven becomes easier.

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