What to Know About Line Marking

Many businesses hire a company for line marking both indoors and outdoors. For example, you can get hatching for your warehouse floor or walkway line marking. They also come out and do marking for pallet loading and location. These experts can do line restoration and apply symbols and text when you need it. They also do outside line marking for car parking spaces, disabled spaces, electric vehicle parking, and more.

Indoor Line Marking

When you hire professionals for indoor line marking, there are a number of different choices. They can create cross- or single-direction hatching for the floors of warehouses. You can use them to identify pallet locations, FLT / MHE parking areas, hazard areas, and no parking areas. These lines are bright, bold, durable, and effective, and they come in white, blue, black, green, red, and yellow.

Another place for line marking is indoor walkways. You can have a line on each side with a gap in the middle that works for wheelchairs or pedestrians. This is a great option in busy warehouses, and it cures in just 2.5 hours, meaning you’ll have very little down time. You can also define pallet locations and loading bays with high-build epoxy or adhesive. You can designate any kind of area with these durable lines.

Indoor loading bays are usually installed with a shot-blasting machine. This will prepare the floor before it is painted. They make the loading bays by installing a 2-part epoxy that takes from three to 18 hours to cure, depending on the environment. Once the lines are installed, you can also rely on the line marking company to maintain them for you going forward.

Outdoor Line Marking

Line marking is also commonly done outdoors. You can create parking spaces in a parking bay. In fact, new line marking can be installed over an existing parking space or to create a new parking space. Line marking can be installed on various surfaces, including tarmac, concrete, block paving, or any other suitable surface. You can also create disabled parking spaces, as well as electric vehicle spaces. The lines will be durable and long-lasting, and the company installing them will also offer text and symbols to designate the types of parking spaces.

In addition, you can have line marking for outdoor hatching and outdoor walkways. You can also have pride crossing, zebra crossing, and other types. In addition, they install sports lines, including netball courts, football pitches, hockey pitches, and basketball courts. You can choose the colour scheme you want for this process. No matter what type of line marking you need, they can provide it for you.

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