What to Know About Choosing a Template For Your E-commerce Store

When you have decided that you are not going to choose to build out a custom site, then you should consider looking into how you are going to use a template to achieve the goals you want for your e-commerce store. Using a template can be a fast and easy way to achieve your goals when building a site, but it can come with some problems, as well.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are leaning toward using a template for your store.

It can be difficult to stand out

When you have decided to use a template, you might discover that some other e-commerce stores have chosen to use it, as well. If you offer a unique product that few have seen before, then it is less likely to be an issue if you have a similar template. However, if you are looking to make an impact and try something totally different to market your product, then you might want to reconsider using a template as your first option.

You might not have all features

Using a template for your theme can be a great way to go if this is your first e-commerce store or you are not looking to hire someone to build your site for you. That being said, integrating certain features like payment methods can be more difficult when you don’t have a customizable theme. This is where a method like headless commerce can go a long way toward helping you get the features you want without causing damage to your site since it allows you to separate the front and backends without altering code.

Your pages might be limited

When you are using a template, you might not have the same access to building pages that you would if you were building a custom site. If you are expecting to have a lot of products, then you will need to keep this in mind when choosing the template for your site. Some allow more than others, and it can throw off your site structure when you have pages that cause your site to crash. If you want hundreds of products on your site, then you might want to think about some customization.

Consider SEO

SEO is one of the best ways to reach new clients, and it should absolutely be a part of your strategy as an e-commerce store. However, when using a template, you might not be able to add the keywords and metadata that you need in order to make it rank on Google and other search engines. If you plan on reaching people in another way such as social media, then you might not need SEO as much—much of it will depend on your marketing strategy.

In summary

A template can be a great tool for building your e-commerce store, but it might not give you everything you need in order to be successful. It’s important to take a look at your goals as a business and how your site can help you reach them.

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