Things to consider when choosing a Shredding Company

Regardless of the scale of digitalization in your office, the use of papers and documents will still be high. There are so many aspects and things that need to be stored on papers. But with time, you must get rid of these papers as well.

Shredding is an important activity for any business and therefore, you must hire professionals for the job. You need to protect the sensitive information related to your business. For this reason, you must choose the shredding company very carefully.

Here are things to consider when looking for a Houston shredding company:

  1. Reputed company

The Houston shredding company that you choose should be reputed and established. When working with the newly established firms, you run the risk of divulging secret information to outsiders. Choose a company that is renowned and will never break the confidence and faith of its clients.

  1. Types of services

Shredding services can be provided onsite and offsite. Onsite shredding will involve shredding the documents at your office. Offsite shredding will require taking all documents elsewhere. You must select the Houston shredding company that best suits you on this aspect.

  1. Certified

Check that the shortlisted or chosen company is certified to carry out the shredding. Handing over your confidential information and data to unreliable companies can jeopardize your reputation. You must check that the company carries an authentic logo of the certification that it is clearly visible.

  1. HIPAA compliance

If you are a company that has medical documents, you must look for a Houston shredding company that has the HIPAA compliance certification. This certificate is essential if you wish to get the medical documents shredded. The certification provides additional layer of protection of identity.

  1. Insurance Offered

Well established and reputed companies offer insurance to their clients in case anything goes wrong. Identity theft and divulgence of information to third parties is the biggest risk associated with shredding. Therefore, choose a company that offers insurance as a protection measure.

  1. Additional services

You can look for a company that not only offers shredding services but also provides additional services. These additional services could include secured offsite document storage. Storage of documents with a known company will give you the assurance that they are secure and can be retrieved as and when required.

  1. Discounts

When you are working with a company on a regular basis, it offers discounts and other sops. Look for a company that offers discounts on early booking, periodical purging or long time purging. This will prove to be cost effective for your company in the long run.

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