SEO vs. PPC: What is the Difference?


SEO is free, whereas PPC is paid. But know that both need a lot of effort in order to get free traffic from search engines. Every keyword has high competition and you need to have a quality website and an effective SEO plan in place to be successful. If you are not sure about how to proceed with this, hire the best seo services in Singapore to get this sorted for you. On the contrary, the cost of PPC depends on a lot of factors. The best part with PPC Is that you only have to pay for the clicks your ad gets and not for any views. You can also ascertain your daily budget in advance and not pay more than that. You can also determine average cost per click for the keywords you are targeting.


SEO drives organic traffic which is more than PPC, so when it comes to ranking your website for the keywords you want, you can gain more traffic instead of paying for the keywords. If you are in the top 5 position, then you may get traffic 24×7 without paying any money. So when comparing traffic and costs involved in SEO and PPC, organic traffic wins the race.

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