Multiple Benefits of Using a Serviced Office for Your Business

Aside from flexibility, services offices carry a number of other benefits that many business owners fail to realise. They are an excellent solution for any company wishing to avoid a long-term lease, they allow a business to test a new market without having to permanently relocate if it doesn’t work out. This article will discuss the many advantages of hiring a serviced office and why it is such as great option for business owners.

First Impression

Everyone knows that first impressions are extremely important when it comes to business, if you make the wrong first impression it can be difficult to put things right no matter how hard you try.

Having serviced offices in Sydney CBD allows you to choose a location with a prestigious address, this looks great on your company documents. If you work from home, you’ll understand the difficulties of using your home address to market your product or service.

Renting a serviced office gives your business a professional address, you’ll have premises available to you when clients wish to meet in person to discuss important business transactions.

Improved Efficiency

Paying for a serviced office gives you access to all kinds of professional services such as:

  • Telephone answering
  • Mail and business address services
  • Meeting rooms
  • Hot desk
  • Boardrooms
  • Video conferencing

You get all the perks of an office without actually having to lease a long-term establishment. Paying for a serviced office gives you access to support staff, these individuals are highly trained, efficient workers who are there to help your business run as smoothly as possible. Some companies even offer a catering service which is great for organisations who hold a lot of meetings with clients from out of town.

Flexible Services

If you only need an office space that caters for one room and a desk, or a fully equipped building that houses 50 employees, either option is there. There is no need to waste money signing a long-term lease agreement if you don’t need it, serviced offices can be rented for a specific length of time, i.e. whatever suits your business.

A serviced office gives you the opportunity to expand your business without having to spend a lot of money on a new premises or equipment. It means you can instantly grow your business because the space is there to do so.

Additional Amenities

Some serviced offices, especially those located in the main cities offer additional amenities such as complimentary yoga, pilates and meditation classes. They more often than not have a fully equipped fitness area for employees to exercise during their off time. Many have vibrant break rooms and kitchens which are great for interaction with other people who are sharing the space.

There are many benefits and perks associated with serviced offices, you get access to a fully operational facility which has tonnes of modern amenities such as kitchens, conference rooms and gyms. They are secure, private buildings that are great for both long-term and short-term leases. If you’d like to know more, why not contact a company who specialise in leasing and see what’s on offer.

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