Mark Hauser Announces New IPO for Hauser Private Equity

The national private equity fund management and co-investment firm Hauser Private Equity recently closed its second initial public offering (IPO) of the year. A few days in advance of its official IPO closure on November 2, 2021, the minimally invasive body sculpting organization AirSculpt Technologies, Inc., began trading on The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol “AIRS.”

AirSculpt Technologies first caught the attention of Hauser Private Equity managing partner Mark Hauser several years ago. Using his firm’s time-tested operational processes and vetting procedures, he identified the tremendous potential of AirSculpt Technologies and its unique AirSculpt body contouring methodology.

A proprietary methodology that employs new equipment and expertise, AirSculpt was developed by Aaron Rollins, MD, the Beverly Hills cosmetic specialist who went on to found AirSculpt Technologies and lead that company under the brand name Elite Body Sculpture. Through Elite Body Sculpture, tens of thousands of patients have benefited from body sculpting that causes minimal trauma to the treated area. In fact, the highly non-invasive nature of the AirSculpt process delivers superior results while offering the shortest total recovery times in the field.

To take AirSculpt Technologies from promising startup to industry leader, Mark Hauser and Hauser Private Equity partnered with another private equity firm by the name of Vesey Street Capital Partners (VSCP). An ideal co-inventor for the AirSculpt Technologies acquisition, VSCP has an extensive history in middle-market buyouts with a specific focus on the medical and healthcare sectors. Spanning the worlds of direct care and insurance underwriting, this firm has a successful track record of choosing businesses that pair strong cash flow characteristics with a clear ability to generate value for stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum. VSCP has been in business since 2014, and during this time, it has deployed more than $600 million in equity capital. Over the years, its portfolio of companies has benefited from its vast advisory and administrative expertise as well as its investment assets.

Under Mark Hauser’s management, Hauser Private Equity has demonstrated a similar commitment to value creation by sourcing high-potential companies in lower-middle and middle markets. Collaborating with control buyout funds and managers of growth equity and special situations funds, Hauser Private Equity takes these companies to the next level of business operation by, among other things, supporting strategic IPOs.

The recent AirSculpt Technologies IPO serves as a perfect example of the power that Hauser Private Equity has to transform companies for the benefit of primary stakeholders and final consumers alike. With the help of both Hauser Private Equity and VSCP, AirSculpt Technologies offered a total of 7,000,000 shares of company stock for the initial price of $11 per share. 2826,087 of these shares were initially sold by select independent stockholders while 173,913 of these shares were issued by AirSculpt Technologies itself.

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