Make a Note of These Factors When Raising a Claim for Travel Insurance Cover

Travel is a refreshing experience for many. It not only helps you explore new places, but also learn a lot about new cultures. Sometimes it is leisure that makes you take that trip whilst sometimes it is work. Whatever be the reason, meticulous planning is essential when it comes to travels, especially if it is an international one. The primary reason being it is often expensive to travel in a foreign country where the majority of things are unknown and the only information you can scoop is from the internet. In these situations, a travel insurance policy is your best friend covering for varied types of risks.

The coverage of a travel insurance policy depends on what policy features you opt for. Moreover, there are specific plans designed for different types of travellers—students, senior citizens, or even business travellers, etc. It is not only enough to select the right type of policy, but also know the different factors that will help avoid problems when raising a claim. This article discusses the latter part, helping you have a hassle-free claim experience in times when you need to raise a claim. Let’s have a look:

  • Tenure of the insurance cover

A travel insurance policy by its very nature is designed to cover any hiccups that you might face during your travels. Thus, it must be purchased to cover the entire duration of your trip. Since there is no specific duration for which all travel policies are sought, different types of insurance policies such as international travel insurance, domestic travel insurance, etc are available based on its tenure—single trip, multi trip, for even an entire calendar period, etc. Nevertheless, it is best to choose a plan that extends the duration of your travel since any last minute changes in your itinerary can also be accommodated in such a case. *

  • Coverage of your policy

When selecting an insurance plan, it is crucial to know how much expenses are covered by the policy’s scope. Since the policy provides coverage for different expenses, the amount under each head is essential to be aware of. For instance, some policies provide the facility of emergency cash advances. With this benefit, pay for some of the additional expenses that you are required to incur. *

  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

When availing a travel insurance plan, it is essential to inform the insurance company of any pre-existing medical conditions that can be encountered during your travel. While doing so may result in a slight increase in premium, it definitely avoids the situation where an insurance claim is denied on grounds of non-disclosure. *

  • Deductible of your travel policy

Deductibles are something that you must check when buying an insurance plan. It is the amount that is required to be borne by you, the policyholder, before the insurer compensates for any expenses. Being informed of such deductibles in advance helps to avoid any last minute shocks on how much of the claim you need to bear. *

  • Claims procedure

Apart from the above factors, you must also remember the claim process prescribed by the insurance company. Doing so helps to submit all necessary supporting documents at the earliest with the claim form thereby eliminating any hassles in your claim. *

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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