Important Considerations for Indoor Shooting Space

Many commercial spaces offer a special indoor shooting range facility to train and certify as per the federal law enforcement personnel to use shotguns and handguns. These spaces are called the firing range space that consists of shooting booths, backstops, firing points, and even the target carrier system to name some. It often would need the special ballistic and security measures and the right use of hazardous material to practice in the right manner.

Considerations for the indoor range

When it comes to indoor shooting ranges, there are some important considerations to not ignore. This includes the need for a shooter, the shooting activity type, the firing points number, and the user’s number to name some.

In the case of the health and safety factors as well, there need to be some considerations such as the indoor shooting range maintenance, the operation, and the design of the firing range space. Suppose, there is ammunition consisting of explosives or such components as a lead then extra precautionary measures need to be taken. It is important also to have enough volume of air that ensures the inhalation of such health hazardous material is avoided.

In case there is the use of the metal fragments from the bullets then it needs to be controlled for avoiding the ricochets in the shooter’s direction. The Acoustical controls should be rightly installed for protecting the fire range employees and other users who may hear and can be at risk to lose the power of hearing because of the high noise levels.

Functional / Operational consideration

In terms of occupancy, well there is an Occupancy Group Classification made which is the storage group S used in other groups like A, I, B, E, and M occupancy classification.

Focusing on the exposure to lead, there needs to be proper ventilation. This means when the gun gets loaded and being fired at the range closer than it is likely to release the lead fumes and vapor as well. The system of ventilation in such an indoor shooting range is important to control such exposure of the lead.

The exhaust and supply air system are important as well for the overall indoor range potation. It can also help in the better health of creating the inhabitant. The design should have the right exhaust system to get rid of the airborne lead. Even if there is a slight air pressure that goes in the negative range it must be well maintained. This may seem to be achieved through the exhaustion of at least 7 percent of more air as compared to the one being supplied.

It is important to have an exhaust and supply fan system. It should come with the control interlocks to make sure there is a simultaneous operation smoothly carried out. Usually, the door in the negative pressure area must also have the right airlocks.

The conception of the armoires must be designed in such a manner that it should have the 15-minute class M emergency vault ventilator.

Dealing with noise exposure

As the whole concept of the indoor shooting range is closely associated with gun firing, the chances of hearing loss are high. If there is a noise reduction maintained in range then it is a good point. But the transmission of the noise out of the range is quite a different consideration when it comes to the design.

The flexibility and mass are two different attributes for the barrier of the sound transmissions. The walls of unpainted heavy masonry can offer mass. The surface of the absorptive acoustical is also likely to lessen down the level of the noise within the range but can have minimal effect on the outside transmission range. It is important for the noise level to not exceed more than 85 decibels.


Along with these considerations, such shooting ranges must have fixtures of energy-efficient lights. It can help in accurate firing range as well. Besides, there is also an efficient communication system from every shooting booth that has a visual call indicator light solution. For better shooting along with good practice, it is always important to consider the above factors that can ensure the accuracy is well maintained.

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