How Customer Service Is Useful For Marketing

Companies spend millions and sometimes billions of dollars on marketing budgets annually. There are so many ways to go about it, increasing sales, increasing engagement – most of those methods require planning and monetary budgets to be set. One way that companies can market their brands, products, and services is through good customer service. It takes close to nothing, just a decent conversation with a customer representative.

Many companies tend to overlook or just don’t pay much attention to their customer service support and that is likely a part of the problem why they can lose customers. The two departments are also never really thought to have anything to work on together – but they really do.

Here’s how customer service is useful when it comes to marketing.

Good Customer Service Can Go a Long Way

Ever had a spat with a customer representative? Many times people may find themselves in situations where customer representatives aren’t exactly helpful and may have a condescending tone – that does not mean that they are always in the wrong, sometimes customers can act very unreasonable too.

This is a reason that makes people lose interest in your company’s products and services when they’ve had bad after-sales experiences or found that customer support isn’t helpful either.

Having good customer service, where sales agents cater to customer’s queries without getting flustered or irritated and instead deal with the situation calmly and professionally, is one way to retain your existing clientele. That is because when customers feel completely satisfied with the overall quality of not just the product, but with the way the company deals with its customers, they would obviously be loyal and trusting to your brand. With this understanding, many businesses opt to work with contact centers in the Philippines and other countries that are known for providing excellent customer service.

Not just that, this brand loyalty works in the company’s favor when these customers spread positive reviews about the products or services that they just used. Word-of-mouth is an underrated factor that helps gain more customers; an unconventional method but one that works for sure.

Does Not Require Heavy Investment and Planning

Like other marketing campaigns, customer service does not require an entire plan with its own allotted budget. In fact, the two are completely separate departments in every company. They aren’t seen as SBUs that could work together but definitely come in handy for one another.

Setting up a company’s Customer Service department does require its share of planning and setting up, but not as hefty as millions of dollars spent per marketing campaign – and we know how many campaigns a company would probably want to run in just a year to keep up with the competition. Many companies have their own after-sales agents to help at their physical stores and even have UAN numbers for you to easily call and have your complaints sorted.

Take the internet provider RCN for example. RCN Customer Service has agents available on call around the clock to help with any technicalities you may be facing with your subscribed RCN services.

Parting Thoughts

Ideally, in this new marketing world with all the technology at our disposal, customer service isn’t only limited to after-sales services or calling agents, it stretches to social media platforms now too. A good review is what keeps customers coming back for more, and what better way to get a good review than by providing the best customer service support to your customers? They are the driving force of your company’s success after all.

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