Hiring A Professional Web Designer Vs. Using A Website Builder

Have you been wondering to create a website for your business or to showcase your professional expertise? Then either you have to hire a web designer and a web developer or you can use a DIY website builder. Each of the services has some pros and cons which you should understand before selecting any one of the options. A certain section of professionals or business entities is always looking ahead to hire a web designing company or individual web developer/designer for building their website while a growing section of people is more intrigued towards using a website builder for framing up their website without the help of any professional web designer.

So let’s check out the differences in between hiring a web designer & using a website builder

  • It was a time when hiring a professional website designer was the only way to create a website. Starting from purchasing the domain name to setting up the hosting and designing the page- they ensured a complete solution. In fact, during the process, web development that is the use of programming or coding on CSS, PHP and HTML were also mandatory for which the website owners had to invest a huge sum of money.

But website builders offer a different scenario. At any of these online platforms, the website owner can build a site on their own. Without the help of any web designer or a developer, it’s possible to create a website with all the professionally built ingredients.

  • Finding, hiring and discussing the website building project is a time-consuming In fact, later on, much time takes in editing and in doing some last moment changes that again demands some more time as the website designers and developers need the time to do the said changes.

But, a lot of time can be saved by using the website builder. Being a website owner, you can stay miles away from the hassles of finding, hiring and collaborating with web designers. The website builders ensure a DIY platform by offering sufficient templates and flexibilities of designing the website considering the requirements.

  • A custom-made website is an expensive investment. Depending on the features you’re adding or the programming you wish to use for building the new e-commerce website- you have to spend a huge sum of money.

By using a website builder, you can maintain any type of website by investing close to 1% of the investment you will have to do by hiring a web designer or a developer.

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