Here’s Why You Should opt For A Cashless Cover in Your Car Insurance Policy

For new automobile buyers, the dealer handles insurance. After that, auto insurance can only be considered when renewing or filing a claim. The vehicle dealer can renew coverage, whereas the insurance company can only resolve claims. Thus, understanding the claim settlement process is very important. This article discusses Indian cashless auto insurance claims.

Car insurance companies constantly strive to simplify this policyholder experience.

The Cashless Claims Process: What Is It?

  you meet the requirements, a cashless claim is one in which the hospital and the garage split most of the bill. Only the depreciation cost, the deductible cost, and any additional repair costs not covered by the policy must be taken into consideration. This method has the notable advantage that, unlike the Reimbursement method, you are not required to make quick arrangements for large repairs.

Due to the partnerships between insurance companies and the garages, a Cashless Claim can be achievable in new car insurance. Network Garages has an agreement with insurers for cashless claim payouts. Due to the garage’s affiliation with the insurance, communication between the parties can be expedited, and claims could be typically resolved swiftly and without incident.*

How Does The Process Of Cashless Claim Work?

The specific procedure for making a cashless insurance claim may vary depending on the car insurance prices and company. Depending on the tech assistance the insurer provides and its overall plan, the procedure could experience slight variations.

Here is a step-by-step overview of cashless auto insurance:

Step 1: Contact your insurance provider by phone or email. Some insurers now provide a specific area on their website or mobile app where customers can start the claims process.

Step 2: Carry out the instructions. For instance, you might be requested to submit a First Information Report and provide further supporting documentation in case of theft.

Step 3: The surveyor may go to the accident site in the case of accident claims. If not, the surveyor may examine the damages at the network garage where the automobile must be taken.

Step 4: Based on the coverage, car insurance benefits, and the relevant terms and circumstances, the surveyor and the technician may discuss and inform you of the repair costs and the amount covered by the policy.

Step 5: After the automobile can be fixed, the garage and the auto insurance provider may settle the amount. You could be required to pay the remaining balance (deductibles) to the shop. *

To Sum It Up

Today’s digital-first car insurance companies only request a few documents. However, there may be times when you must scan some documents and send them to them with a picture of the damaged vehicle. They may also request a video of the wrecked vehicle.

While registering an automobile insurance claim, some conventional insurance firms still rely on form-filling and require the submission of several papers. Lastly, it is also advisable to use a car insurance premium calculator so you plan and allocate budgets accordingly without any delay.*

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