Built to Win with Neora: 5 Time Management Secrets to Unlock 5 Productive Hours per Week

Welcome to the latest episode of the Built to Win podcast, where we’re excited to share Neora President Amber Olson Rourke’s insights on how to gain an extra 5 hours per week through proven time management techniques. Amber has been implementing these strategies for years and has seen the transformative impact they can have, both in her own life and for the thousands of entrepreneurs she’s coached.

At the core of Amber’s approach is the understanding that effective time management is not just about managing your time but your attention and focus—your most precious resources. In today’s fast-paced, constantly connected world, it’s all too easy to become reactive, continually pulled in different directions by the demands of others and the lure of digital distractions.

Amber’s first essential tip is to plan your week before it begins. She recommends dedicating 10-15 minutes, perhaps on a Friday afternoon or Sunday evening, to reflecting on the past week’s progress and identifying the top priorities for the week ahead. By intentionally scheduling time for your most important tasks, you can create a proactive plan that prevents you from getting swept up in reactive, unimportant activities.

Amber likens this process to filling a bucket – the critical, proactive tasks are the “big rocks” you want to place in the bucket before the “sand” of urgent, reactive demands can fill the remaining space. This ensures that you’re making consistent progress toward your Neora-driven goals rather than constantly reacting to the whims of others.

The second tip Amber shares is the power of time blocking. By grouping similar activities, you can tap into a state of flow and deep focus rather than constantly switching between tasks and draining your mental resources. Whether it’s dedicated time for content creation, financial planning, or client meetings, Amber emphasizes the importance of honoring these time blocks like any other appointment on your calendar.

Continuing the theme of minimizing distractions, Amber’s third tip is to turn off all notifications during your focused work sessions. The constant pings and dings from our devices can be incredibly disruptive, pulling us out of our flow and preventing us from making meaningful progress. By silencing these notifications, you can create the uninterrupted time and space needed to excel truly.

The fourth tip Amber shares is to eliminate multitasking, which she describes as a highly inefficient practice. Research has shown that juggling multiple tasks simultaneously can reduce productivity and increase stress and memory loss. Amber encourages you to focus on one thing at a time, allowing your brain to engage and deliver your best work fully.

Finally, Amber’s fifth tip is to educate your home or office environment about your need for focused time. You can communicate your intentions and create boundaries that support your productivity by using simple tools like a door hanger or a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Amber emphasizes that most people understand when you set these clear expectations, allowing you to progress significantly on your Neora-driven goals.

Amber’s passion for these time management techniques shines through throughout the episode. She has seen firsthand the transformative impact they can have and is excited to share these strategies with the Built to Win audience. By incorporating these Neora-inspired tips into your daily routine, you can unlock 5 hours per week, empowering you to make remarkable strides toward your personal and professional aspirations.

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