Activate your net banking facility with ease!

All major banks provide net banking services, which allow you to conduct financial activities online without visiting the bank’s location frequently. Any action, including printing a passbook, cashing out money, creating a demand draught, applying for a chequebook, etc., may be completed quickly and efficiently with online banking.

The mobile net banking app is secured with your debit card information and an OTP (One-Time Password) to protect the account holder’s money.

What is net banking?

You can access banking services through internet banking, commonly referred to as online banking or e-banking, a service provided by banks and other financial institutions. You do not need to go to the bank’s branch office to take advantage of every little service.

Some account holders need access to online banking. If you want to use internet banking, you must sign up for the service either at the account opening time or later. You must use the registered customer ID and password to log into your banking account.

How to activate net banking?

Several banks offer customer ID as part of the account opening procedure, whereas other institutions let you create a user ID to activate your net banking account. You must carry out the following actions to activate a net banking account:

  • Obtain the official bank webpage
  • Select “Login” or “Register” from the menu
  • Click the “submit” button after entering the account number, registered cellphone number, CIF number, branch code, and other necessary information to open the bank account.
  • To finish the verification, enter the OTP from your registered mobile number
  • Make a secure password and a user ID right away. Enter your login information once more to start using net banking.
  • After inputting your net banking credentials, you can use the bank’s online services.

You can quickly obtain your monthly account statements online if you hold a bank account with IDFC FIRST Bank. To receive the bank online statement at your registered email ID, log in to your mobile or online banking profile and follow the simple procedures.

A tabular summary of the IDFC FIRST Bank statement will be provided, including a review of the opening balance, total credits, total debits, and closing balance. The transaction history for your billing cycle is then included in a thorough table, which makes keeping track of your money easier.

Things to keep in mind while activating net banking

  • While the NetBank app is downloaded, keep your ATM card on you.
  • Enter the mobile number you provided on the account opening form when registering.
  • Make sure to give someone your OTP (One-Time Password). If you disclose your OTP with others, you risk losing your account’s funds.
  • Keep your chequebook and passbook close at hand. Most of the data, including account number, CIF number, and branch information, may be found in the passbook.
  • Never divulge any account information.
  • When you have opened the account, go directly to the SBI branch if you have any questions.
  • Never respond to someone over the phone or email with your bank information, net banking login credentials, or OTP.

Regardless of the hour, location, or demographic, you can avoid going to the bank using the banking services available around the clock. You can use net banking to access several banking services simultaneously. This service is available to anyone who has an open bank account.

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