A Quick Guide to Route Planning Solution from the Office to the Road

Route planning is more about finding a way between two different locations. To do so, you’ll need to utilize an effective sales route planner that can help you target the leads to meet, plan the most effective route for your entire day, and update the records to monitor your progress.

To do this all, you’ll need to implement a  route planning solution made with field sales experts in mind. Smart route mapping will help you save fuel and time while the market analysis tools help you choose your leads and concentrate your efforts—all of which are available in a single solution.

Why you should start route planning

Route planning helps you to meet more customers and make the most of your time effectively and efficiently. You can make, control and share route maps on your tablet, computer, or smartphone, and even transfer the routes between them.

This enables you to adjust and modify on the go if a meeting gets canceled or you have additional time to squeeze in another appointment. Here are a few reasons why you need to start route planning today:

  • Save and share your route maps with the team
  • Edit the route map on the go with the app
  • Include start times and meeting duration for an exact and precise schedule
  • Bulk add points of interest and make a route map in just a few seconds

Benefits of using a sales route planner

There are, of course, other benefits to using a sales route planner. These include the ability to share your directions and itinerary with sales support staff, saving time both on the road and in the office, and integrations with other essential sales tools such as  CRM.

Share your directions and itinerary

Office support staff helps to support sales reps by booking appointments and helping them with planning and logistics. Using a sales route planner greatly simplifies that process. All client details are accessible in a single place, making sure everybody is on the same page.

To make things easier, maps can be created by sales support staff on a computer and can then be shared and opened straight on a mobile device. This allows sales reps to stay safe

Save on both driving and office time

Route planning not only saves time on the road, but it also saves time in the office. When combined with filtering, smart route planning helps you cut down the time it takes to plan your entire week.

Instead of sifting through the lines in your spreadsheet, sales route planning enables you to see where your high-value clients are and who’s currently due for a visit. There is no need to enter every address in the order you want to visit, as this process can be automated for you.

Combine tools for an inclusive field sales planning solution

Ultimately, route planning is excellent for maximizing efficiency, but the real power of a sales route planner comes from its features. Route planning combines naturally with drive-time analysis and tools like a CRM to create a complete field sales planner.

Most sales reps organize their work based on instinct. They think about which clients they have not seen in a while, and generally pick others to visit based on their territory knowledge. A sales route planner helps to document that knowledge and could take appointment targeting and route planning to a whole new level.

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