5 Businesses that Benefit from Outsourcing Laundry Services

Outsourcing business services, including laundry, delivers an abundance of benefits. Compared to doing the laundry on-site, outsourcing helps to save time, money, cost, and space, among others. In this article, we’ll talk about the businesses that will benefit from outsourcing services to industrial laundry companies like Continental Girbau.

  • Hotels

Among others, hotels are the biggest clients of commercial laundry service companies. According to Lodging Magazine, a 400-room hotel with an average of 65% occupancy has an average of 11 pounds of linen to wash in every room. Annually, this translates to 1,043,000 pounds of linen that need to be cleaned. This consumes a lot of resources, including water and electricity. Not to mention, it requires manpower that the hotel management could allocate to more important activities. With this, outsourcing laundry service becomes a viable option.

  • Hospitals

It is believed that 2 to 3% of the budget in hospitals is spent on laundry services, according to the American Reusable Textile Association. Some hospitals rent their laundry equipment while others fully own them. To enjoy higher savings, it is best to outsource laundry services. This way, the hospital will be able to focus on the core of its business operations – healthcare. It is best to let someone else take care of its laundry. The challenge, however, is to find a company that delivers the best laundry services since hospital linens are quite delicate to handle and can pose health problems when not properly handled.

  • Correctional Facilities

It is common for prisons to have on-site laundry. For instance, Continental Girbau, a popular provider of laundry vending solutions, supplies equipment to correctional facilities for those who prefer to do the laundry in-house. However, if space and resources are limited, it is better to consider outsourcing laundry to a reputable company.

  • Restaurants

You might not realize it, but laundry can take a toll in restaurant operations, especially for the larger businesses with several branches. Tablecloths and napkins may seem like they are easy to wash and dry, but when you are confronted with tons of it, it can be a difficult task. Besides, if restaurants will have on-site laundry, it could eat up considerable space. Not to mention, water and electricity consumption can also be excessive. By outsourcing laundry services, restaurant management does not need to think about having clean linens to impress its patrons.

  • Assisted Living Facilities

Senior living facilities will also be amongst the biggest benefactors of outsourced laundry services. Many of these facilities have in-house laundry. However, for those who do not have the resources to do so, it is better to outsource the service. Most laundry companies will offer free pickup and delivery as a part of their services, so the management does not need to worry about convenience.

It is no longer surprising that laundry is one of the fastest growing outsourced services. From hotels to hospitals, among others, it is better for third-party providers to handle laundry than to do it on-site.

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